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Damon salvatore bio

damon salvatore bio

Ian Somerhalder plays the steamy Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries. Find out what this stud likes to do in real life in his Kidzworld bio. Damon Salvatore is one of the two main male protagonists of The Vampire Diaries. Damon was a. Damon Salvatore ist ein ehemaliger Vampir und Hauptcharakter der Serie. Er ist der erstgeborene. He promised to find the cure for her and would maybe do things she wouldn't like, but it was for. In The ReturnDirectly following the events of the season one finale, Damon arrives at the hospital, expressing worry to Sheriff Forbes about her daughter, Caroline. In KaterinaDamon expresses immediate distrust toward Rosewho comes back to tell them that a legendary vampire named Klaus is after Elena. I don't do good. Damon droht Tyler, zu fliehen, bevor er ihn tötet. The last scene shows Damon looking torn standing on the clock tower he once sat on with Elena. Damon and Elena then both individually discover that Elena is sired to Damon, making Damon salvatore bio feelings unfortunately known; however, Elena insists that her love for Damon is the most real club hollywood casino poker tournament that she's ever felt in her entire life.

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►The Full STORY of DAMON Salvatore and ELENA Gilbert [1x01-6x22]

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Bonnie meets up with Damon and Stefan and they ask for her help in breaking the curse Elena is under. Qetsiyah reveals to Damon that his relationship with Elena is doomed. He hasn't taken advantage of Elena when he's had the opportunity. Elena trifft auf Alaric der sie anweist zu Bonnie zu gehen. Elena starts to get hysterical but Damon calms her down and she goes back inside the church. Eventually, the plan the two made failed at a critical moment and thinking Enzo "died" because of him, Damon turned off his humanity to suppress the guilt and sadness. I have to go and exploit some women in the name of grief, which I'm sure you understand. Elena assured Damon that he could trust Stefan, and thus he accepted the deal, though the truth was that Stefan never intended to keep his end of the bargain. Let me guess, vervain in the necklace? When the dance is over, Elena pulls Damon aside and they realize one of the contestants is missing. Recent blog posts Forum. Never miss a chance to plan an epic failure. Caroline and Tyler got the sheriff and the hybrids involved, and Damon asks Caroline to get Bonnie to help out as well. Damon has an aristocratic, elegant demeanor, and a very pragmatic outlook on life. Dieser wacht in seiner alten Augustine Zelle wieder aus. He went with Elizabeth and they find Brian , Meredith Fell 's ex-boyfriend, staked although he's not a vampire. Damon ging zu der Beerdigung von Jenna und John, ebenso wie Stefan, Caroline, Bonnie, Jeremy, Alaric und Elena. Damon fought for the Confederacy in the Confederate Army during the Civil War, but he eventually deserted and returned home to Mystic Falls. He tells her that "when he drag s his brother from the edge to deliver him back to her , he wants her to remember the things she felt while he was gone. I don't know how many vampires there are in there. He found out that the coffins were them and after the spirits stopped torturing him, Klaus got them to show him the coffins. He continues to claim that his emotions can be turned off, but several older vampires reveal that this is a lie; after a certain amount of time, a vampire has to pretend they can't feel. Trust me, you're going to be miserable. Sie erklärt ihm, dass sie nach ihrer Verwandlung Angst hatte ihn und Stefan zu verletzen und sich deshalb eine neue Familie gesucht hat und die Gefühle die sie für Damon und Stefan hatte, vergessen hat.

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